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Anim3. We shower daily.

Anim3 Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts
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Hello. This is a community dedicated to Patapsco High School's Anime Club. This is still under construction so fancy crap will be added later. The rules from the club will be listed in this section. Posts will be made each week informing the members of what we'll be watching and anything that may need to be addressed. Feel free to write reviews or give criticism about what we have watched or will be watching or start your own discussion on something we should look into.

There are only a few rules this club. Yes, we have rules.
-First and formost, this is a school club, when present on school property you will follow any and all school rules.
-Treat others as you wish to be treated. You will respect your peers, sponsor, and president. If the president needs to inform you of something important or even if it's not that important, please be respectful and pay attention. You will only be warned once.
-Keep your hands to yourself. A smack here and smack there, whatever, that's fine. Feeling each other up or doing anything inappropriate will not be tolerated. Problems will result in warnings that may lead to kick-outs.
-Food. You can bring food in, but throw it out when your done. I won't say that it's not acceptable, but please make sure you clean up any mess made. That goes for other things, too.
-Viewings. When we are watching something, keep your voices down. If you don't like what we're watching, don't show up. If you're not watching but doing something else, that's fine, but don't strike up a loud conversation during the middle of a show. Also, yes, we know that's the bad guy, yeah that girl has big boobs. You don't have to say it. Captain-obvious...there is no need for you.
-Maturity. We expect when you sign the paper that you will be able to handle what we will be watching. If you can't deal with violence, language, or some nudity, get out. Yes, laughing is accepted, but no "OMG THOSE ARE HUGE HAR HAR LOLZ BOOBS" ok?

Important Information:
You will have to pay dues. I have not determined the price but it won't be much. The money we collect as dues go to our end of the year party and partially goes for the gaming competitions we hold half way through the year. Speaking of which, I may just collect a small entrance fee to pay back money for the prizes. Through the competitions we have charts that will show who earns what. If you like games, enter the competion. Look in later for more information.

Everything is still under construction. Anyone who comes across this, bear with the summaries. Everyone, tell me some anime titles so I can put them in the interests.